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#ShesFearless Feature-Woman VS Freedom

Made by Malyia

This week has been short of magical! Celebrating the 2 year anniversary of my company, and the announcement of my collaboration with Lionsgate's "The Divergent Series:Insurgent". This week I was also featured by the amazing Krystal Clayton of Woman Vs Freedom. Please see below excerpt from the interview and read the full feature HERE

Here's an excerpt from the feature

How do you face your fears?

I look my fear in the face and call it what is it. If I’m afraid to fail, I question who’s standards am I using to measure that failure. If something scares me I usually do that task first because the more I think about it the more I will talk myself out of it. 

Name one fear and/or setback that you’ve overcome.

One of my biggest fears was not being accepted into the fashion industry and being considered a failure. How do you all your life say that you are meant to do something but you aren’t validated by the industry you seek approval from. The way I overcame this was by staying true to who I am and not trying to conform. After I stopped seeking that stamp of approval that’s when it all changed for me. My brand was authentic and spoke to who I am. 

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