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Red, White + TRUE Campaign! What is TRUE to you?

Made by Malyia


The last week has been a difficult one for me, my team and the world due to the recent deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the 5 police officers in Dallas,Texas. I wasn’t going to address this publicly but then I realized one of the reasons I became an entrepreneur was the freedom it provides. 

My goal as a black woman, creative and entrepreneur is to provide young people with representation and encouragement to chase their dreams. I volunteer frequently with young girls affected by homelessness and poverty. We discuss social issues that directly affect them and I know the importance of community in times of uncertainty and hurt. As a creative I use my platform to exemplify the change and representation often lacking in the fashion industry, so I couldn’t simply remain silent. I decided to pause all social media post and not release this blog to give myself time to reflect and figure out how I to best shine a positive light in all the darkness. This campaign is my attempt to create community and self reflection. 

I created the Red, White + True campaign which was originally to be released during the week of Fourth of July to highlight 4 other creative influencers including bloggers, stylist and actors that are breaking boundaries.

The project asks them to share what they hold true. What is TRUE to you? Don’t miss the opportunity to share and engage with those that mean the world to you. See below for the full photo campaign and the influencers thoughts on what they hold true. We want to hear from you share your thoughts with us in the comments. Sending love and light...

CEO, Founder of Made by Malyia and Model | Malyia McNaughton 

"What I hold true is love! Love of self, family, and others. I believe that once you truly love and except yourself nothing is impossible because you realize all your experiences helped to uniquely shape you. Love is powerful and can truly change lives. I also hold you true. My jewels, those who have supported Made by Malyia to become what it is today! " 

Owner of blog MarshBar’s Closet and Staff Writer for Fashion Bomb Daily| Marsha Badger 

“For me its God! He is the most constant, consistent entity in my life.”

Stylist| Daryle Tyson 

“FREEDOM. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Freedom of choosing to be who I want to be despite what America makes young men of color out to be. The clothes I wear, the way I rock my hair…the music that inspires my creative flow.That is what’s true to me.”

Actor, Model,and Host| Ryan “Muufasa” Cross 

"Holds moments like this to be TRUE"

Stylist| Nyjerah Nicole

“What do I hold true?Family. Put them first, always. 

#ShesFearless Feature-Woman VS Freedom

Made by Malyia

This week has been short of magical! Celebrating the 2 year anniversary of my company, and the announcement of my collaboration with Lionsgate's "The Divergent Series:Insurgent". This week I was also featured by the amazing Krystal Clayton of Woman Vs Freedom. Please see below excerpt from the interview and read the full feature HERE

Here's an excerpt from the feature

How do you face your fears?

I look my fear in the face and call it what is it. If I’m afraid to fail, I question who’s standards am I using to measure that failure. If something scares me I usually do that task first because the more I think about it the more I will talk myself out of it. 

Name one fear and/or setback that you’ve overcome.

One of my biggest fears was not being accepted into the fashion industry and being considered a failure. How do you all your life say that you are meant to do something but you aren’t validated by the industry you seek approval from. The way I overcame this was by staying true to who I am and not trying to conform. After I stopped seeking that stamp of approval that’s when it all changed for me. My brand was authentic and spoke to who I am. 

Follow @womanvsfreedom on Twitter and Instragram to see more features of women entrepreneurs!  Visit the website HERE

Made by Malyia x The Divergent Series:Insurgent-Announcement

Made by Malyia

Made by Malyia Jewelry is now an official licensee for "The Divergent Series: Insurgent" film. In partnership with Etsy and Lionsgate Entertainment, I have been selected to create a design inspired by the mega blockbuster hit. This partnership comes just in time for the home entertainment release of "Insurgent" later this month. Insurgent, is the sequel to adventure and Sci-fi film "Divergent." With over 60 million copies sold, #1 world wide opening and sales coming in at $516 million, I couldn't have asked for a better partner.

Of all the praying, planning and preparing I could have done, never in a million years did I see this one coming into fruition. When you walk by faith and allow God to order your steps, life is limitless! I will continue to remain humble for he is not done with me nor my brand, and there is much more to come from this collaboration. 

READ the full Etsy announcement HERE.

The new "Insurgent" ear cuff is available exclusively through my Etsy shop HERE.  Go visit and shop now!

"Insurgent" earcuff design inspired by "Divergent Series:Insurgent"

"Insurgent" earcuff design inspired by "Divergent Series:Insurgent"

“Motion Picture Artwork TM & © 2015 Lionsgate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.”

“Motion Picture Artwork TM & © 2015 Lionsgate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.”






MBM jewelry turns 2- Happy Anniversary

Made by Malyia

This is a major milestone and truly the beginning of what I plan on making an Empire. What started out as a creative outlet designing jewelry I love has grown into a business.

In the past two years I designed a new collection, met my jewels at my first pop up shop at Raw Artists, and collaborated with my first designer Lois London.

I want to thank all my jewels, friends and family that have helped MBM jewelry celebrate it's 2nd birthday. A special thank you to Sherod Lewis my PR manager and digital strategist.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Made by Malyia x Lois London Collab

Made by Malyia

I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Lois London in January at the Raw Artists  runway show. Made by Malyia body chains worked perfectly with the stunning dresses for the runway show so the designer requested MBM jewelry for her Spring/Summer campaign shoot.


Check out the pictures from that shoot below!!!

Shop Lois London HERE

"Venus" Body Chain

"Venus" Body Chain

"Venus" Body Chain

"Venus" Body Chain

"Venus" Body Chain

"Venus" Body Chain

#OOTD- Designer rocks her Made by Malyia jewelry

Made by Malyia

The summer is finally here and Made by Malyia jewelry has exciting news and events coming soon. Whether you will be attending a rooftop, festival, or picnic this summer I wanted to show how to layer MBM jewelry with my summer looks.

MBM Jewelry featured:

"Empire" Necklaces

"Divergent" Earcuff

"Helen" Body Chain

"Commitment Issues" double hoop non permanent nose ring

"Splitsville" Faux septum

"Iris" Foot chain

*Exclusive Hair charm-Coming soon*


Outfit details:

Crochet Top and Vintage ripped jeans- Urban Outfitters

Nude strappy Sandals- Aldo Shoes

Jewelry- Made by Malyia ofcourse LOL :-)