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Women by Choice Honors designer Malyia at the SN2S tour NY stop




Women by Choice Honors designer Malyia at the SN2S tour NY stop

Made by Malyia

On Saturday September 24, 2016 I was selected as an honoree by Women by Choice, a women's empowerment and networking event, on the Stepping N2 Sisterhood Tour NY stop. The founder Andromeda watched my segment on the Today Show and read my interviews afterwards. She stated " You are a perfect example of a compassionate and understanding woman who chooses to lift up instead of tear down other women. Your attitude and behavior is worth honoring and presenting to our audience and is sending the exact message that we are striving to send to women daily. The fact that you chose to take the high road even under pressure and with many eyes watching makes you a phenomenal woman."

I was extremely touched to be honored because in today's world negativity is highlighted far too often. I'm elated my decision to remain positive was recognized by a network of empowering women. 

View pictures from the event below!