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Made by Malyia


I can remember the exact day, the exact time...I bought tickets for a summer festival and I immediately started brainstorming outfits for each day. I analyzed them all the way to the accessories, because we all know that is what makes the difference. It was then, where the mere thought of a jewelry line may have been birthed in coincidence. 

I wanted a necklace but not just any necklace; I wanted a delicate, dainty and gold necklace that dubbed as a body chain. I searched high and low, near and far and the thought of finding nothing sent me in a panic. The looks I had meticulously put together were incomplete! This particular accessory had to be found...or MADE! 

Every chain encountered that week was either way too expensive or too bulky for my liking. Feeling very DIY-ish, researching how to design my own body chain, seemed a little more feasible. Spending day-in and day-out sourcing the perfect materials, experimenting on construction and timeless edits...I had MADE my very first body chain

While attending a jewelry trunk show wearing my new body chain my friends asked, in unison,  "Where did you get your necklace?"  I answered, "This is a body chain I MADE, and my first sale was transacted. MADE BY MALYIA had been born. So of course the next step was to open an Etsy shop, so no other girl had to relive my horrific jewelry hunt.